LandMand is an effervescent and modernization driven Agri-tech establishment that leverages on redefining a farmer’s ancient modus operandi of crop production, lifestyle and reinforce them with cutting edge technology remarkably.

We render end-to-end resolutions to empower farmers with a technological approach to enhance the productivity and overall outcome using facilities like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, RFID, Block Chain, and an e-commerce platform, nano technologies etc.

We also operate Urban farming that offers an incredible opportunity to people living in metropolitan cities to yield their farms at home and grow their organic food. This would be an implausible prospect for urban communities.....


Our Products

GPS Enabled
Moisture Sensors

How LANDMAND help farmers?

LANDMAND standby farmers at every phase of agriculture by offering comprehensive technological solutions. Farmers can approach us to acquire any kind of assistance in terms of agriculture.

Crop Selection

We will guide and assist you with choosing enviable crop to cultivate in your field that generates high productivity and profits



Acquire expert made manuals and on-field guidance& support for good irrigation to your crop.


Land Preparation

We provide advanced machinery required for a well-prepared filed ensuring good crop growth.


Seed Sowing

At LandMand, farmers can avail high quality seeds appropriate seed sowing modus operandi that leads to better plant growth.


Fertilizers & Pesticides

Avail optimum quality fertilizers and pesticides at LandMand to stimulate high crop growth and regulate weeds & insect growth.


Crop Growth

A team of agricultural experts will offer you with essential guidance and material for a remarkable crop growth


Seed Selection

You can reach us to get right information on seed selection compatible for your field.


Harvest Management

We guide you with pre and post harvest management including cleaning, sorting, storage refinement etc.

Why Choose LANDMAND?

Urban Farming

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Urban Farming?

Urban Farming is the new age technique implemented to cultivate desired food at home. Many people have been producing organic food through urban farming which has high demand in the market.

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How tough it is for a farmer to install drip irrigation system ?

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